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Audiohm Media, the production studio behind the ‘How i Died’ fiction podcast and other series is hiring an Audio Producer. With over 1.2 million downloads across our podcasts, Audiohm is an emerging contender in the audio fiction space, and as we grow, we’re aiming to expand our team with a collaborative, audio-drama-loving producer.

Whether you’ve worked as a producer before or not, as long as you’re passionate about audio dramas and open to learning, we’d love to hear from you!

As an Audio Producer with Audiohm, you will:

  • Attend and assist in recording sessions with actor(s) and director
  • Recommend the best takes of lines for each actor
  • Lay out dialogue in Reaper (Digital Audio Workspace) according to the script
  • Adjust pacing and flow of podcast episodes to ensure realistic and captivating storytelling
  • Assist with sound design and world building within Reaper (Digital Audio Workspace)
  • Route productions to ensure all episodes are completely under deadline and within budget
  • Assist in scheduling recording sessions with the cast
  • Manage incoming and outgoing agreements and payments for the cast
  • Assist with other tasks in podcast production as needed

While this list may sound like you have a lot of tasks to juggle, don’t worry — this is an entry-level position. As long as you are passionate about audio dramas and are willing to learn, we are happy to teach you. Our team currently consists of our writer/executive producer, our director and our audio engineer. You will be working alongside everyone to learn and produce.

The ideal candidate should:

  • Love audio dramas
  • Be familiar with the process of creating an audio drama
  • Have experience with, or be open to learning how to use Reaper (Digital Audio Workspace)
  • Have excellent task and time-management skills
  • Be able to dedicate a few hours of work time in a continuous sitting
  • Be open to learning and working with a team of passionate creators
  • Have their own computer with the ability to access files online
  • Be willing to use Discord to communicate with team members

Passion for the podcasts is our #1 requirement. While it’s not necessary to know every one of our series inside-and-out, we do recommend listening to at least the first episode of the ‘How i Died‘ series to understand our style.

We put a heavy emphasis on authentic dialogue and immersive sound effects, which the producer should be familiar with.

Candidates looking to apply should send their resume and/or cover letter to ContactUs@AudiohmMedia.com

Payment: $20/hr
Time should be tracked and cumulated for monthly payments. This position is part-time, freelance 1099 position.

While there is no minimum or maximum amount of work per week that must be reached, the Audio Producer is expected to be able to allocate enough time per month to the role in order to ensure all productions are being completed on deadline.

This is a permanently remote position. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older. We usually work on a U.S. schedule, but as long as you are able to effectively communicate and attend meetings and recordings, applicants from anywhere will be considered.

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