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This Sounds Serious Season 2 – More serious, more subtle

One of the best fiction podcasts returns with an absolute killer second season, and we couldn’t be happier. It’s about to get cray.

In case you missed our This Sounds Serious Season 1 review or are just reading this looking for a recommendation, the premise of each season follows Gwen Radford, a 911-call obsessed reporter, as she uncovers the mysteries surrounding some of the strangest cases. This season, she heads to Tom Day, Oregon to prove why a hostage situation in a middle-of-nowhere bank is related to America’s most missing person, Melissa Turner.

Gwen does an excellent job at setting up the premise, as usual, and introduces Melissa’s parents to explain why their daughter keeps going missing, as well as explaining a bit about the town of Tom Day, and the crazed bank hostage taker, Jimmy Kline.

Right off the bat, the mystery of this season jumps out at the listener. We’re going to go on a wild ride with some strange characters, and from the 911 call with Jimmy, you can tell it’s going to be a great season.

As Gwen gets into dissecting the 911 call, the second season of the show really finds its humerus footing. The second and third episodes had all of us rolling with laughter as we learned more about Jimmy, and the tiny tidbits that stick out and make you go “Really?”

Two of our favorite were the hostage in the bank who keeps incorrectly relaying the information back to the negotiator, and the recorded television show where Melissa is supposed to be interviewed, but she never shows up (because she went missing again).

This season is full of those subtle jokes – Ones that Gwen often casually strolls by without a second thoughts. And you, as the listener, might go right along with her, only to chuckle a few seconds later.

There are also some genius and very well put together jabs at modern trends, such as the “scent community” and series of YouTube video tutorials on how to open a barrel.

The humor of season 2 is much more subtle than the laugh-out-loud absurdity of season 1’s Daniel. And although it does feel a bit wanting for more humor, this season truly shines with a focus on the mystery.

What happened to Melissa, and the strangeness of Tom Day, Oregon are really at the precipice this season. While in season 1, you might forget that Chuck died as you’re laughing at him being unable to say “lightning” on television, season 2 reminds you that there is a crime here. And because of that, you can get immersed incredibly easily in the mystery of it all.

Personally, I feel like this season really found a great balance between true crime satire and an engaging story. While I don’t think anything will top season 1, I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Tom Day, and would gladly be held hostage by Jimmy or go purchase a handful of peanuts at a local gas station.

I’ve also been given word that This Sounds Serious season 3 is already in the works, and is trying to release before the end of 2019 – MAYBE.

Either way, I love the series and can’t wait for more. Until then, you’ll find me traveling the country going Applebees to Applbees. Have you seen the calories on that menu?

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