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Find your next audio drama with the PlotCast. Two writer nerds, and their illiterate friend review storytelling through audio dramas and other podcasts. Hosts Grumpy Gus, Andrew (AK) and Ori argue about their favorite audio dramas, break down common show tropes, and answer the question: Does the story suck?


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Season 2 is here!

More stories, more arguments, and even more education. We’re diving into the more Audio Dramas, bringing on indie guests, and asking “does this story suck?”

Modern audio drama review done right.

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  • Jack Ward · May 19, 2019

    Hey Guys,
    Been listening to the show in various snippets. Like everyone, time is a premium, but I had to comment on the “The Ostium Podcast”- it’s not an Audio Drama thing. Welcome to my world. I’ve been producing and showcasing audio drama through the Sonic Society collectively for 16 years now. I’ve written on the Four Sources of Audio Drama, and the various “ages” of Modern Audio Drama. We’re pretty much in the Bronze Age now, maybe even the Iron Age. Part of the reason I wanted to start Mutual Audio was to get folks to see all the amazing stuff that’s happened before this third age of Audio Fiction.
    My short answer (and of course there’s always exceptions) to the difference between audio drama and audiobooks would be if you watched the television show “Game of Thrones”. that’s akin to a visual audio drama. If you watch George RR Martin read to you on television his novel “The Game of Thrones” then it’s the same as listening to an audio book. Happy to chat with you guys in the future if you’re interested in talking the history of the modern AD movement and the like and hope to see you all at http://www.mad-con.com We should get a “Critics Corner” Roundtable going there. Cheers!

    • Vincent Dajani · May 23, 2019

      Hey Jack! Completely agree with you on the differences between AD and audiobook – and I believe I’ve read your article on the Four Sources. I can’t wait to see the true Golden Age, haha. I hadn’t heard of Mad-Con before now, but I’ll definitely check it out. We’re going to PodTales convention in October of this year, too. Is there no Mad Con this summer? A critic’s corner would be fun!

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