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the PlotCast


Find your next audio drama with the PlotCast. Two writer nerds, and their illiterate friend review storytelling through audio dramas and other podcasts. Hosts Grumpy Gus, Andrew (AK) and Ori argue about their favorite audio dramas, break down common show tropes, and answer the question: Does the story suck?


Review / Comedy


Discussion Podcast

Average Duration

35 minutes

Season 2 is here!

More stories, more arguments, and even more education. We’re diving into the more Audio Dramas, bringing on indie guests, and asking “does this story suck?”

Modern audio drama review done right.

Find new audio dramas

Learn the latest AD news

Listen to us argue and sometimes agree on great shows

the Co-hosts

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Grumpy Gus


AudiOhm is a podcast and audio drama network with a focus on narrative storytelling. We create original content, host shows we've helped make, and write reviews for new audio dramas.

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