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Spreading ‘The Message’

Have you heard the good word about our lord and savior, Mac Rogers? If you could spare a few minutes, I’d love to show the way to enlightenment through The Message, a GE Podcast Theater audio drama centered around the Cypher Group, a team of geniuses who attempt to analyze a secret message from outer space.

Listen to The Message here – http://themessagepodcast.com/

Nicky Tomlin, a linguistics student, is brought into the Cypher Group to record (and release to the public) a podcast revealing the truth behind a government secret from 70 years ago.

When Nicky is brought in, she’s told that a verifiably true alien message was received and analyzed for years with no results. Now, the NSA is willing to make it public in an attempt to solve what it means. Unbenounced to the team initially, whoever listens to the Message quickly falls ill, including the researchers.

Without going too heavy into spoilers (you have our podcast review for the detailed ending breakdown), the team uses science and skill to uncover the truth before it’s too late.

The show has some of the best audio work we’ve heard so far, and an absolutely fantastic story, too.

There are multiple twists and curveballs that I didn’t see coming (and I pride myself on predicting twists). And the story itself stands up to any of our usual harsh criticism.

Not to mention, the episodes are short – around 10 minutes or so. And with only eight episodes, the entire show is easy to binge in a single day. (We all did…)

Consequently, this is the third show by Mac Rogers that we’ve reviewed, and it’s easily one of my favorites of any that we’ve listened to.

Check out our other reviews for his shows, and if you plan on listening to them, we highly recommend the following order:

The Message, then Steal the Stars, then LifeAfter. It’s easy to imagine a world where these all co-exist, and I think that’s the beauty of them all.

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