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All services are customizable into packages that fit your budget.

Audio Editing, Mixing, Mastering & Custom Foley

With over a decade of audio editing experience and work on some of our hit podcasts, our audio engineers can lay out and edit the your entire podcast: Audio editing, layout editing, mixing, mastering and rendering.


Podcast & Audio Drama Samples:

Soundscaping: An Audiohm Media original podcast that explains the wonders of building immersive audio scenes.


The Patron Saint of Suicides: A crime thriller audio drama produced for a client. We created custom sounds, built the soundscape, as well as directed and recorded the entire series. Here’s a demo.



Can’t find the perfect fit for a sound or song? We also provide options for custom-made foley and music. Our foley guy loves this stuff. Look! (Warning: Gross)

Our process is easy, with fast turnaround times based on your needs.

  1. We send you a drive link to upload your files, hold a consultation call to make sure we’re all on the same page, and then get started.
  2. Once we have your first round proof, we’ll send it over and ask for feedback.
  3. Then, we can jump onto a live video call and make any edits directly with you! (We’re podcasters too, so we understand the importance of moving a sound effect just ever so slightly in one direction. Don’t worry!)

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