September 26, 2019

Our Podcast Services


Let’s Podcast

Podcast services from idea to execution. Let us help you make a podcast or improve your existing one.

All services are customizable into packages that fit your budget.

Podcast Idea Planning

Building your podcast requires knowing your target audience, an analysis of the current competitor podcasts, and the creation of a detailed brand strategy that includes cover art, naming, topics of discussion within the podcast and a marketing plan. Nothing is worse than an aimless podcast.

Hustle & Grind podcast cover art

Audio Editing & Production

Our audio engineers can lay out and edit the your entire podcast: Audio editing, layout editing, mixing, mastering and rendering, or custom music for your podcast.

Cover Art & Branding

Idea development, branding and name creation, custom cover art.

Custom Scripted Podcasts

We can write, edit, cast, record or produce completely custom fiction or nonfiction podcasts for clients looking to break into the advertainment podcast market. Custom packages available.

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