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[Results!] Holiday Audio Drama Challenge – a show in a single night

In case you missed our original post, the crew came up with an idea for a Holiday Challenge, where the 4 of us, plus our biggest fans and friends, would get together to create a one-off audio drama in a single night from concept to recording.

Essentially, we’ve scheduled and blocked a 3-hour evening to brainstorm an idea, plan some vital scenes and then hop right into acting and recording live. Over the past week, we’ve been editing and finalizing our Frankenstein monster, and now we’re ready to share –

The show: ‘A Shittty Christmas Carol’

A Shittty Christmas Carol is an offensive improv comedy show, with plenty of Christmas tropes turned upside down for a raunchy good time. The story follows Brettt (with 3 T’s) – Brettt (with 3 T’s) has always been a shitty person. Now he’s a shitty step-dad, telling his step-son the story of when he turned his life around, after being visited by three terrible ghosts and a creeper during what was supposed to be a one-night-stand.

Listen here: https://theplotheads.podbean.com/

This is absolutely a show for those aged 18+ who are okay with some less-than-work-friendly topics. But, if that sounds like something you’ll enjoy, we hope you give it a listen! Part 3 comes out today, along with this post.

One final note: This show was created for fun, with friends whose mic quality is not the best. There are audio issues, and some laughing behind-the-scenes, but we left those parts in as it felt like it really gave the show character and highlighted how much fun everyone was having – which was a LOT! Throughout it, we were all dying laughing, shouting out ideas and trying hard not to bust into tears during some of the scenes. Anyway, hope you enjoy our labor of love!


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