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Rabbits and overly-cryptic shows

For the review of the Rabbits audio drama, everyone on our team had a different opinion on the show … probably because we all only understood part of it.

You can listen to us debate about it here, or continue reading for my personal take on the show.

Listen to Rabbits here: https://open.spotify.com/show/0S4B5Qg3F13jTZByG3m0uK?si=MurlFDC_Siilxp–Avi7TA

For me, Rabbits is one of those shows that I can’t stop thinking about – and for both good and bad reasons.

Rabbits is a mock podcast-style audio drama created by the Public Radio Alliance and Terry Miles. We follow Carly Parker as she’s investigating the disappearance of her friend Yumiko, and we’re soon swept along with her, right down the rabbit hole (sorry!)

What begins as a normal, intriguing mystery into the deep underground of secret societies quickly becomes something much, much more. And that’s partially why I can’t stoo thinking about it.

The show starts off slowly, albeit somewhat intruiging. There’s a missing girl and we’re going along for the ride to find her. I was anticipating a Limetown-esque show with some similar twists.

Without revealing everything (because this is one you need to experience for yourself), just know that two main things happen:

  1. Almost every clue is missleading and often unimportant.
  2. It gets into sci-fi, which is not to say is a bad thing. Just an unexpected one.

If you’re like me and really stuck on the ending and twists of the show, check out our PlotCast podcast review above.

But for those who want a spoiler-free review, just know that the ending is, unfortunately, not worth the journey.

And just like PRA’s other audio dramas, the show suffers from the “show, don’t tell” issue, where many of the most exciting instances happen off ‘camera’ (or are so absurd you can’t even picture it. Particularly in the beginning of episode four, where Carly explains how she was swept away by a crowd of skateboarders who picked her up as they went by. Followed by some very cringey lines.)

The mysteries of the show are often left dangling with no real answers, and although that could be considered part of the charm, we’re left feeling overwhelmed and confused in multiple places as the amount of information presented just keeps piling on.

The first four minutes of the show are a prime example – You’re given literally every piece of background information you’ll ever need immediately by Carly, which makes the show both immediately offputting and overwhelming.

But if you stick through it, you may be left just like me – with a show that you can’t stop thinking about.

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