Become a ‘How i Died’ Season 2 Co-Star

Audiohm Media’s fiction murder mystery podcast, ‘How i Died’ is back for Season 2! Our main cast is ready to start recording, but we need to add one more part to our team of recurring voices.

Part of the goal with ‘How i Died’ has always been to highlight up-and-coming voice actors. With that goal in mind, we are opening auditions to anyone, even those without a mic – You don’t need to be a professional to audition.

This role will require live recordings with the cast, over Discord or Skype. It will be a lot of work.

The payment for the role starts at $300, with a little wiggle room. Should our ideal candidate be without a mic, we will send them a full recording kit, valued at $300, and discuss additional compensation as needed.

The role: Psychologist, Dr. Kim (35 years old) is a no-nonsense therapist assigned to work with our existing team, after the incidents in Season 1. Kim has endless patience, often dealing with frustrating interactions (i.e. Jon) and not letting it affect them. Kim is the opposite of Sherrif Crowley – They both deal with Jon, but Dr. Kim does not let his antics affect them. Kim should sound calm, but also slightly menacing or intimidating in their calmness.

While not explicitly stated in the dialogue, doctor Kim is a non-binary identifying character. We are therefore looking for a voice that could be androgynous or slightly-femme-sounding, although everyone of all genders, races, and sexualities is encouraged to apply.

As a general trigger warning, this season does deal with some misgendering in episodes, and Dr. Kim is included. Because of this, all scripts will be provided to the actor prior to recording, and changes can be made to the scripting as needed.

The ideal candidate will be familiar with the How i Died podcast, or at least willing to listen to Season 1 for a reference point.

To audition: All auditions are to be submitted to no later than March 20th, 2020. Follow up emails will be sent within a week after the audition closing. 

Please record the below demo lines for the audition. Auditions without demo lines will not be accepted. Demo reels or other clips may be included with the audition. 

All applicants must be 18 years of age or older.

Sample lines:

Have you been having trouble sleeping?

I barely slept before.

Does that mean you’re not sleeping now? (Long pause) Jonathan, anxiety and Guilt are all normal emotional responses. (Sighing) Fine. We can try something else. How were you sleep habits and stress levels after your father killed your mother.

Fucking wowwwww. Is this how
therapy is supposed to be helpful?
You’re saying that what I did was a
byproduct of experiencing a death
as a child?

You seem so nonchalant about this
one, that I can only assume that
you deem your mother’s death
equally inconsequential.

She was NOT inconsequential.

There you go. Let it out. Do you
want to yell at me?


What’s stopping you?

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