New interactive podcast, 5 Week Countdown, launches October 30th

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Baltimore, Maryland — Audiohm Media is thrilled to announce the launch of its second fiction podcast, 5 Week Countdown, an augmented-reality and interactive podcast, where the audience determines the outcome.

The 5 Week Countdown podcast follows a woman named Whitney who awakens in a mysterious white room, with an ominous voice giving her direction. She has 5 weeks, or 50,400 minutes, to solve the puzzle to this life-or-death escape room. She’s given food, water, some vague clues, and one vital piece of information: The audience has the other half of the clue.

Each week, a puzzle or clue will be posted to for the audience to solve. Listeners are encouraged to leave comments with answers or suggestions for the Whitney to try. Each week, our ominous voice, known only as K, will read the audience comments. If the solutions are correct, Whitney can move on to the next step. If she’s solved the mystery with the audience’s help before the time runs out, she’s free to go. If not…

Taking inspiration from thriller films like Saw, and seeing a missing experience in the audio fiction field, 5 Week Countdown offers a mystery and engaging puzzle to get the audience into the action.

Eric Howell, audio engineer

The episodes can be listened to as a normal fiction podcast, if puzzles aren’t appealing. But getting involved and helping Whitney escape is highly encouraged.

5 Week Countdown‘s first season stars Melissa Sheldon as Whitney, and an unknown voice actor as K.

Initial response to the trailers has been overwhelmingly good, with a 5-star rating on iTunes already.

5 Week Countdown, and the current trailer, is available at or on iTunes.

5 Week Countdown podcast:

As you, the audience, discover clues and solve puzzles, our victim will get closer to escaping. They may even make it out alive, but only if you can find the solution in 5 episodes.

Audiohm Media is a nimble crew of podcast-loving creative who decided to join in the creation of their favorite medium. With a background in narrative storytelling, we tell amazing stories in an audio format.

We create and host multiple original podcasts and audio dramas.

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