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Mission to Zyxx is one of the best jucking shows out right now

Yes, you read that right, I said the word “jucking.” Not a usual word, hell, it probably seems like I misspelled “fucking” in this headline, making it look like I don’t know what the juck I’m doing and much less qualified to provide you with some wonderful audio drama content.

Well, I assure you, that is not the case. In fact, the word “juck” is in reference to a common phrase that the loveable, obnoxious, outrageous and goofy cast of Mission to Zyxx say almost every episode.

Season 1 Review:

Season 2 Review:

Mission to Zyxx is a space-adventuring, improv comedy show that follows the crew of the Bargerian Jade or ‘Bargie’ (an ex-Holowood sentient ship) that consists of Plek Deksetter, C-53, Dar and their headquarters-stationed leader Nermit Bundaloy as they do missions for the Federated Alliance and in Season two, the Rebellion. Missions consist of Nermit phoning in, giving the crew a task, the crew going to said planet to try and accomplish that task and then meeting a cast of colorful characters and obnoxious personalities in their pursuit to accomplish their goals.

It’s fun, it’s hilarious, it’s full of references and it’s inclusion of guest actors and actresses just adds to the over-the-top hilarity that ensues.

From the culminating failures as ambassadors for the Federated Alliance or their over-the-top guests they meet (I’m looking at you Peter3). Season One is a hell of a ride from start to finish.

What makes Mission to Zyxx special is its ability to create worldbuilding through improv. The detail that is put in to the sound quality depending on the scene location, the amount of references that are brought up five, ten, fifteen episodes later in a seamless fashion is truly remarkable and makes listening to the show that much more satisfying. Everything feels alive and seems like it serves a purpose other than to push the plot forward.

To me, as a fan, it’s hard to pinpoint something out that I really dislike about Mission to Zyxx, there really is nothing that stands out outside of an awkward moment here and there or Plek’s actor laughing at a joke said in the show, but that just adds to the charm. I think, to be completely honest, the only episodes I didn’t like were the ones that didn’t feature the cast at all and decided to focus on other characters, or teams such as the episodes “The Council of Seven.”

My cohost Gus would say that Samo & Wink felt annoying and sometimes secondary characters guest appearances don’t quite hit the nail on the end, but overall, Mission To Zyxx will fill with laughs until you just can’t jucking take it anymore.

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