Limetown’s Charlie as an unreliable narrator

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This will be a fairly brief article, but on a topic that I think is worth touching on. In our review of Limetown Season 2, we touched on a potential plot hole, or an oversight with the production. That oversight involved Daniel, this season’s central antagonist (at least initially).

Specifically, the section we’re talking about occurs in episode one of Limetown Season 2, where Charlie listens to an old tape of Daniel, speaking to his colleagues towards the end of the disaster at Limetown.

He ends up taking responsibility for the cirizens wellbeing, opting into protecting them, instead of having them all brutally killed during the riot. (How noble of him, right?)

Honestly, this is an interesting point of the show. We wonder how and why a man who volunteers for helping saving dozens of people somehow goes on a killing spree against those very same people.

Then, a few episodes later, we get to meet Daniel in the flesh. Or… The audio. Whatever.

The first thing you may notice: He sounds very different from his prior recording. And yes, some people sound differently based on the technology or recording device, plus it’s been 10 years (supposedly. Again, read our review here for info on the timeline).

So in theory, it could be the same Daniel, and the producers were just trying to make him sound younger and on a recording. Completely possible.

But, if we’re giving the producers the benefit of the doubt and believing that this was done purposefully, it’s very possible that this discrepancy hints towards Charlie’s big reveal at the end of the season.

Bear with me here – If the man on the original recording was NOT the man we heard recorded during episode 4, taking Charlie’s lies into account, it’s very possible that Charlie’s tapes actually were faked. And even more, we were given glimpses of this the entire time.

I’m actually a big fan of hinting toward an ending during the actual show, especially to ease the shock of a potential twist. (Random deer attack, anyone?)

And because of this, it’s completely possible that all of Charlie’s recording were a lie. But for her to know so much about the Bridge, it means that she (or her company) knew all of this and were just trying to manipulate Emile. It makes for an interesting take on Charlie’s unreliability as a narrator. We already knew she was lying, but if she faked the tapes, we can also believe that her interviewees were not killed and that the real Daniel still lives.

But then again, the ending of the show revealed that all of this was a dream and none of it matters anyway, right?

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