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Limetown Season 1 Review

Season 2 of Limetown is here! Read the full review

The PlotCast dives deep into one of our favorite conspiracy-theory audio dramas, Limetown, by Two-Up Productions.

Ten years ago, the 300 citizens of the secluded town of Limetown vanish over night after a 911 phone call. Grumpy Gus, AK and special guest, Orious, go through the show episode-by-episode, explaining what happened and their analysis of it. Find out why it’s our favorite, and take this journey down the rabbit hole with us.

This episode obviously contains spoilers for Limetown. If you haven’t listened to Limetown, check it out: https://www.twoupproductions.com/shows/limetown 

Over the past few years, Limetown has become one of, if not the most-well-known, audio drama of the modern day – and for good reason.

What begins as a simple journalist investigation, styled in the vein of Serial, quickly becomes an emotional, tumultuous journey into a deep conspiracy filled with science, betrayal and what it means to be human.

Seriously, if you haven’t listened to (or at least heard of) Limetown by now, you’re probably new to the audio drama world – and that’s okay. Limetown is a fantastic place to start.

The show feels familiar to those who have listened to long-form investigative journalism, making it an easy transition if you’re coming from podcasts and haven’t delved into the fiction side of things.

And, as I mentioned, the intrigue of the mystery, as well as the empathy you’ll feel for the human side of the tragedy, all add to the entertainment value.

Not to mention, Limetown Season 1 has one of the best endings of any show we’ve ever heard. It’s quickly become a favorite amongst the audio drama community.

Sadly, though, if you’re looking for a long story to engross yourself in, this may not be it. The first season only consists of a few hours worth of content, and we’d honestly recommend stopping after Season 1, and just pretending that Season 2 (and the prequel novel) does not exist.

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