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Kevin’s Cryptids excels with its zany concept despite some shortcomings

From the get-go, Kevin’s Cryptids was one of my most anticipated shows of this year (from sheer premise alone) – a cryptozoologist who, with a goofy, journalist as a partner, are on the run from the Discovery Channel (yes, the TV station) because they know the location of a rare cryptid.

A typical episode would revolve around Kevin and his accompanying journalist Taylor on their hunt for a cryptid while avoiding being caught. Along the way, they would meet friends to aid them and sometimes, get them into even wackier situations.

And, as it would turn out, Kevin’s Cryptids was as wacky, zany and nonsensical as I could have imagined. Our main character Kevin Weathers, is a perfect combination of nerd meets high school jock, or as I had said in our review, Stifler meets Andy Samberg. His over-the-top antics, enthusiasm towards his craft and everything in between made him such a fun character to listen to. From killing hundreds of deer by accident to wanting to start a TV show with Guy Fieri on the Food Network, Kevin always brought a new, fresh joke or gag to the table.

Which leads me into my only two critiques with the show; a forgettable middle sequence and jokes that fell flat.

Season One of Kevin’s Cryptids is only 10 episodes long, meaning that to entice viewers, episodes had to captivating on both the comedy front and the story front. Ultimately, a large section of the middle episodes had become a blur to me once I finished. I didn’t care for the jokes made or the story being told, which just felt like I was twiddling my thumbs as I waited for the Kevin’s Cryptids roller coaster to finally drop on me with a rush of excitement – which it definitel did, eventually. But, having 2-3 episodes out of ten become a forgettabke blur seems strange, especially when both the beginning and end of the show were so captivating.

Which leads to me second gripe; some of the jokes.

Now, I consider myself a comedy guy. I love to laugh, as does everyone (outside of maybe my fellow reviewer, Grumpy Gus) and many of the shows jokes did give me a hearty chuckle. However, when a joke missed, it really missed.

Let’s take the Guy Fieri bit for a second, one of the biggest culprits. Kevin and Taylor are still on the run from the Discovery Channel and run into Guy Fieri. Kevin, having a lifelong dream of having a show on the Food Network, pitches a show to Guy Fieri, who we come to find out is the Meat-version of Willy Wonka (hilarious), but also has quite possibly the most cringeworthy vocal performance of any audio drama I’ve listened to. Guy’s voice is so painfully awkward, high-pitched and faked that I would rather listen to Ori (from the PlotCast) try to explain 15 shows in a row than KC’s Guy Fieri actor again. (If you don’t get that joke, Ori is very bad at describing things. So much so that he gave away the ending to Geek by Night in his synopsis.)

I get it – the show is satirical. But that doesn’t excuse how annoying the acting was and how poorly translated his jokes panned out in the greater scheme of things.

However, for the most part, Kevin’s Cryptids was an awesome journey led by an amazing, captivating lead performance from Kevin. His goofy nature and passion for his craft was exemplified and with a strong, small circle of supporting cast around him. And there will definitely be some recurring jokes that make their way into our audio drama inner circle – like Taylor’s weird eyes.

I feel that with a bit of tightening up, Season Two (which is out now) could knock my socks off.

Now, when will the singing Harlem Globetrotters come perform for me?

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