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How i Died Season 2, Episode 1:
No Love Lost

A concerning discovery cuts Jon’s rehabilitation short, only to return to a less-than-warm welcome. And Crowley’s got some even worse news for Jon. The ramifications of Curtis’ death run deeper than just the toll it took on everyone involved…

Episode 1 guest stars Elairis Morrow as Clay.

Returning cast this season include Vince Dajani as Jon Spacer, Shaina Wareing as Fran Crowley and David Dixon as Curtis. Introducing Vyn Vox as Doctor Kim, and special guests every episode.

Thirteen new, longer-than-ever episodes, 13 new cases, and a whole lot more of the Springfield mystery. What ever happened with the purple bodies? Was Curtis behind them? Did Crowley know? And why does everyone still refuse to talk about the storm in 1989…

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