How i Died Season 2 out now on Patreon

How i Died l Season 2 early access is available on Patreon! Supporters of the show on Patreon can listen to the episodes before they come to public feeds.

Subscribe here to start listening. Or enjoy the teaser below to get a taste as to what’s coming.

As soon as the episodes are ready to go, we post them on Patreon for supporters at the $5 tier (Early Access).  We are still currently working on Season 2, and it will take at least a few months until it comes to the public feed. (We always complete a full season before posting Episode 1 publicly.)  

This is a limited-time offer, as the series will become $10 once it begins to air on public feeds.

If you’d like Early Access to Season 2, support us here. All donations go to supporting the show, paying actors and ensuring we can make it as high quality as possible.

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