How i Died Season 2, Episode 11: Where The Heart Lies

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A gut-wrenching case pulls Jon, Crowley and Mendez into a tragic situation. Crowley may finally catch a case that’s plagued her for months… as long as Jon can ask the latest ghost questions with Mendez hanging around.  

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How i Died is an Audiohm Media original, starring Vince Dajani as Jon Spacer; Shaina Waring as Sheriff Fran Crowley; David Dixon as Curtis; Caitlin Roberts as Amelia; Vyn Vox as Dr. Kim. Guest starring Dallis MacKenzie as Amber Volakis; Abbie Michaels as Kate Geller.

Written and created by Vince Dajani. Directing and sound design by Vince Dajani and Chroma Sikora. Mastering by Eric Howell.

The How I Died theme song was created by Mike Lynch at

Thank you again for listening, and until next episode: Try not to die.

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