Launching July 10th, the How i Died podcast mixes sci-fi, medical science and a whole lot of true crime

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Baltimore, Maryland — Audiohm Media is thrilled to announce the launch of its fiction podcast, How i Died, an ambitious hybrid of true crime stories and accurate medical science told in a fictitious setting.

The How i Died podcast follows fledgling forensic pathologist, Jon Spacer, as he assists local law enforcement in solving crimes with a unique twist: Jon can hear the ghosts of the victims. In what is described as a Bones meets Ghost Whisperer format, every crime is based on a true story.

Taking inspiration from modern medical and murder mystery television shows, How i Died takes a serialized approach to storytelling, with an overarching plot across the season, featuring a potential serial killer, an uncooperative sheriff, and a would-be love interest, while telling individual stories of the victim through the ghost each episode.

Audiohm Media did extensive research into accurate medical science, enlisting the consultation of medical staff from both Sinai Hospital and Franklin Square Medical Center to do justice for the cases included in each episode.

“The goal of the podcast was to give a voice to the victim. All of the crimes used as a base for the episodes are either unsolved or are, unfortunately, common tragedies that are often overlooked in the daily news. The podcast is fiction for entertainment, but by having our ghosts tell the stories of their deaths, we’re also hoping to put the spotlight on crimes like domestic abuse or rape,” says Vincent Dajani, creator of the show and owner of Audiohm.

Beginning on July 10th, the entire season will be available instantly for Audiohm supporters, while free listeners can find the episodes released every other Wednesday to podcasting apps. Two episodes will be released on the premiere date. The series kicks off with a seemingly straightforward homicide involving domestic abuse, but quickly turns into a mystery involving mental illness and a look into legal injustice.

How i Died has a 13-episode first season planned, with a second season already in the works. Two trailers are available for the show on podcasting platforms. The first, called “Welcome to Springfield” showcases the breadth of crimes and topics that will be covered.

Initial response to the trailers has been overwhelmingly good, with a 5-star rating on iTunes already.

How i Died, and the current trailers, are available at, or on iTunes, Spotify, or Google podcasts.

How i Died podcast:

Join Dr. Jonathan Spacer, a recent implant to the strange town of Springfield, as he tries to solve bizarre deaths that just seem to keep happening. But, Jon isn’t without his own secrets… He can talk to the dead, for starters.

How i Died is a new twist on the true crime podcast genre, set in a fictional world, with fictional characters who delve into some of the strangest true deaths in the world.

Audiohm Media is a nimble crew of podcast-loving creative who decided to join in the creation of their favorite medium. With a background in narrative storytelling, we tell amazing stories in an audio format.

We create and host multiple original podcasts and audio dramas.

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