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Casting Call – How i Died: female VA paid star role

Big news at AudiOhm today: We’ve decided to open up auditions for the female co-star role for the first episode of How i Died. This is a single episode one-off role.

Please see below for details. Please note: This role features mature themes, such as physical abuse and mental disorder. Surgical and “grotesque” horror sound effects will be used in the final piece.

About the show:

How i Died is an upcoming horror-mystery audio drama, following forensic pathologist Jon Spacer as he solves crimes using his unique gift: He can talk to the ghosts of the dead. Each episode features a star “ghost” who tells his/her story to Jon. The show is aimed at a mature audience. Learn more about How i Died here.

Currently, we are nearing the end of production, and are looking to cast this role quickly.

The role:

Maggie Lane is a ghost who was killed after an allergic reaction, but as the episode progresses, Jon learns that she has a darker secret to how she died: She suffers from delusions and mental disorder. The role has a wider range of emotions from sadness to rage.

Everyone is welcomed to apply.

  • We’re currently looking for an actress with an atypical voice, preferably able to sound between the ages of 30 and 50.
  • Ideally, we are looking for someone with experience in Audio Drama, but it is not required. There are no other requirements, as the role is flexible.
  • The character is heterosexual, but LGBTQ actors are encouraged to apply.

Maggie’s section of the script is 983 words. We prefer to do a single-hour recording session with our line director and lead actor via Skype or Discord, however we are open to solo recordings being sent in as long as you’re willing to redo any issues.

Over the course of the episode, Maggie changes from a sad, loving mother into a dissociative state of anger and frustration. Because of this, the role requires range.

See below for sample lines:

(Scene – an emotional retelling of how she died)

“It was just itchy at first. Then it felt like someone was putting their hands around my neck… Slowly choking me of air… And… I will never forget that feeling… Of just sitting at the table across from him. I was so happy to look at him and watch him eat. And I squeezed Danny’s hand as she ate dinner, too. And then I saw it… The look of fear in her face. My little baby saw me hit the floor, and I tried to just hold on to her as it happened. It had to happen that way… And then I was at peace, finally.”

Contract & payment:

You will be given full credits on our website and in the outro of the episode. A signed NDA is needed when hired. The payment for the piece will be negotiated after we find the perfect voice for the role! Please don’t hesitate to include rate information or suggestions in your audition.

If this role sounds like something you’d be a fit for, we want to hear from you! Send me an email at Vince@AudiOhmMedia.com

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