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Laser Dong, a sassy narrator and millennial jokes with Bubble

Bubble, a comedy/fantasy audio drama from creator Maximum Fun, has quickly propelled itself to the top of our list for favorite shows of 2018. Bubble not only delivers a twist to a genre largely dominated by space-exploration shows, but is also full of fantastic comedic timing and some of the most “visual” action scenes we’ve ever heard in the audio drama space.

Listen to Bubble (after you listen to us): www.maximumfun.org/shows/Bubble

Needless to say, Bubble has secured a special place in my heart. It was the first comedy audio drama I’d ever listened to – I’m a fan of mystery and thriller style, and was skeptical at first. However, Bubble opened my eyes to a whole new world of audio drama storytelling, with it’s unique narrator aspect.

The story follows Morgan, Mitch, Annie and Vahn, four twenty-somethings living in a literal societal bubble, separated from the outside world – which consists of imps and brush monsters. Morgan and Vahn, two former brush people turned civilized are craving a more fulfilling life, when they begin working for an app called Huntr, which lets them sign up for monster fighting jobs (and get rated in stars). Mitch accidentally gains a weird superpower (hence the title of this review), and the gang uncovers a devious plot for world domination.

Oh, and the last episode is called Die Hard, and it’s at a Christmas party. Obviously, the comedy is on point.

If you take the best meta, self aware comedic skits from SNL, but spruced them up with (accurate) jokes that hit home for millennials, you’ll be somewhere close to the hilarity of this show.

A large majority of our favorite comedic elements come from the bad guys, most mutants or monsters, which are expertly crafted to be a parody of something in society we’ve all most likely run into.

Take, for example, the beer dudes – a group of late twenty, early thirty-year-old men with beards who discuss the process of making homemade IPAs. It just so happens that the beer is tainted with a mutant goo that turns these bearded goons into opinion-stating monsters. (Yeah. Ones who yell their questionable opinions loudly enough to try to force them on others. You know the type.)

And to make things even more perfect – the original brewer of the beer is unaffected by this change. When our heroes wonder why, he says something along the lines of “I don’t drink beer. Too many calories.”

That’s the type of comedy we’re dealing with here, and we loved it.

The episodes are also easily digestible at around 30 minutes each, and being a Maximum Fun show means they have the budget for some great audio quality.

As I mentioned, this show opened my eyes when it came to action and comedy audio dramas – two things which I didn’t think could be done successfully with audio.

The show’s narrator played a huge role in the success of the action scenes, which are concisely described and acted out. The way the narration mingles with the rest of the show actually played a large part in us at AudiOhm really wanting to get into the audio drama space.

So whether you’re looking for a great action / comedy show, or looking to see how the bounds of capability in the AD medium can be stretched to reach new limits, we highly recommend checking out Bubble. And we can’t wait for Season 2.

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