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Great accents and a wee audio drama – A Scottish Podcast review

Let me start by saying, I loved A Scottish Podcast. Clever and easy to digest, this comedy sci-fi podcast pokes fun at american horror/mystery podcasts like The Black Tapes. It also makes fun of itself by being “stereotypical” towards Scottish people.

The main characters, Lee Powers, a failed radio personality, and his pal Dougie are great characters that are humorous and charming. This show is full of strong adult language (they are Scottish after all) and a grown man shitting himself. If you’re easily offended, go get pished or don’t listen to this show. Whatever, your choice.

The writing is witty and creative, and the sound quality and effects are well done. It’s easy to hear what environment and surroundings the characters are in during each scene.

All of the characters have unique and fun personalities, which is a major draw for the show. There are some characters in the show simply to push the drunk Scot bit – you know the one: You can’t understand a damn thing the person’s saying. Love you Helen, you crazy broad.

The plot follows Lee who wants to start up a paranormal investigation podcast of his own. So he gets equipment and lauches “The Terror Files,” dragging his friend Dougie into it.

Lee wants to be in the same running as podcasts like The Black Tapes, Limetown and The Message. Luckily enough, Lee hears a rumor of something in the old catacombs under Edinburgh.

Lee and Dougie go on their first investigation in the catacombs, finding a mysterious energy. After, Lee tries to get help from some old contacts to help push his podcasts popularity. When he finds out something awful has happened and the Catacombs are blocked, any leads for what happened under Edinburgh die off. This sends Lee to look for other paranormal events that happen around Scotland.

There are gangsters, drug dealers and crazy shite that happens throughout the show that, at points, get uncomfortable for the lead character. He pushes through those awkward moments with jokes or witty retorts that save his arse or makes him new friends.

The end of the show greets you with a twist that is both strange and compelling, along with a very long monologue from a bad guy that leads to a wee bit of justice. It’s funny as hell and I wasn’t expecting a good amount of the things that happened at the end.  

If you like comedy or a light mystery/horror, this show would suit you well. Hell if you just want to listen to some Scottish people curse at each other you’d probably enjoy the show. The episodes average out to be 10 minutes, a few jump up to 15-20 minutes and the last episode is the longest at 50 minutes (It’s needed, trust me).

I highly recommend this show for anyone that wants to have a good laugh , it’s great for short commutes or breaks at work. Check it out.

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