Podcasting Services

Audiohm is for creators, by creators. We started as lovers of podcasts, and now we want to help others make their own. From consultations to full production, we can cover it all with a solution that works with your budget. Learn more or let us know how we can help.

Most popular:

Podcast Production –
Audio editing, layout editing, mixing, mastering and rendering.

Brand Development
Idea development, branding and name creation, custom cover art, IP registration, partnership outreach

Marketing setup
Social media account creation, Monetization planning, advertiser outreach, website development

Local podcasters can take advantage of our recording equipment, or our studio can be rented out for voice actor recordings or private podcast recording. 

Podcast Production
Audio editing, layout editing, mixing, mastering and rendering

Affordable podcast hosting, publication to all platforms, stats and download reporting

Custom Scripted Podcasts
We can write, edit, cast, record or produce completely custom fiction or nonfiction podcasts for clients looking to break into the advertainment podcast market

Support a podcast

All of our fiction podcasts are fan-supported. A share and a review go a long way - And we appreciate every one!

We also offer bonus episodes, merchandise, and more as ways for fans to support their favorite show.

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